What is ILO for?

ImgLikeOpera (ILO) is useful for visiting graphics-intensive websites, when you have a slow dial-up conncetion, or when you have high priced broadband.

Browser requirements

Firefox 3.6.2+



You can choose one of four policies for each tab:

These policies do not work with background images. For background images you can choose “Load images from css” option. It’s a global option, for all windows and tabs. When this option checked, you will see only cached background images.

Forced expiration time

Firefox works well with the cache. And that is a problem — a usability problem. Sometimes the browser needs to check the image’s last-modified stamp or (ugh!) it reloads objects which haven’t really changed. Not every webmaster understands the mechanism of caching.


ImgLikeOpera supports two types of filters: Simple, and Regular Expression (thanks AdBlock). If there are not "/" symbols on both sides of the filter — then it’s a simple filter.

Simple filter example:

After this step, ILO will load all graphical elements which have “” in the URL, regardless of the current tab policy.

You can export the filters list to disk or import an existing list as a text file.

Another simple examples:

Attention: filter rules work only with images URLs, not the site address! Sometimes an image URL contain a site address, sometimes not. For example, on images have next URLs:

i.e. for you can use one of these filters:

For people, who know RegExp:

Two remarks:

Control, hotkeys, location (statusbar/toolbar)

After installation you will see the ImgLikeOpera button on the browser statusbar. Left mouse clicking (or Alt+M on the keyboard) and right mouse clicking (or Alt+N) will switch the policy of the tab; while a middle click — gives quick access to the extension settings window.

Left mouse clicking on the right area of the button — will call the menu of policies, the css-images load option and extension settings window option.

There are two ways to (re)load images on the page: hover the mouse over the image, press Ctrl and the right mouse button; or choose “Load Image” from the context menu.

Also, if you want to see ImgLikeOpera button on the toolbar, right click anywhere on the toolbar and select “Customize...” Simply drag and drop the ImgLikeOpera icon from opened window onto the toolbar. However, you have to restart your browser after doing so.


Bugs, feedback

Known bugs:

I don’t know about conflicts with other extensions.

If you find any other bugs, please, send a e-mail to

N.B.: I’m...


There is always the chance of missing someone. I hope you are not very conceited. Anyway, thanks to all who help me with ILO.

The imglikeopera project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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