Please, don’t use ILO 0.6.19+ with Firefox lower than 3.6.2

Install Firefox 3.6.2+

Install latest ImgLikeOpera for Firefox 3.6.2+ (version 0.6.20)

Install ImgLikeOpera for Firefox 2.0-3.5 (version 0.6.18; not supported)

Thanks to all people who’ve contributed bug reports.

! Changed: minimal version - Fx3.6.2
+ Fixed: don’t show context popup menu with Ctrl+rightMouseClick
! Changed: Fx3.6+ now supported
! Changed: Fx3.5- not supported
+ Added: zh-TW locale (thanks Tsprajna)
! Changed: Fx3.5+ now supported
+ Added: restore ILO polices from nsISessionStore
! Changed: Ctrl+rightMouseClick now loading images from document selection
+ Added: Ctrl+rightMouseClick now reloading images from point (document.elementFromPoint, Fx3+ only)
# Fixed: some fixes
! Changed: Fx3.0+ now supported
! Changed: Fx1.5 and SeaMonkey not supported
! Changed: install.rdf for Fx2.0.0.*
! Changed: Fx2.0b+ now supported
+ Added: icon for settings window
# Fixed: <input type="image"/>
# Fixed: bug 306243 workaround
+ Added: restore ILO policies in Session Manager/Crash Recovery (tested with versions
# Fixed: some small fixes, locales
+ Added: restore ILO policies in Tab Mix Plus (only for 0.3+, tested with version
! Note: please, backup your TMP’s sessions before using ILO
+ Added: options «Show experimental options tab» and «Stop loading by pressing <ESC> key» in settings window
# Fixed: uncorrect ILO icons when some themes and extensions are enabled (see
+ Added: restore ILO policies in Session Saver sessions (tested with version
! Note: please, backup your SessionSaver’s sessions before using ILO
+ Added: work with <element background="image.url"..>
+ Added: es-ES locale (thanks urko)
+ Added: restore ILO policies in TBE sessions (tested with tabextensions_2.0.2005121301_en.xpi)
+ Added: stop images loading on page when "Esc" was pressed
! Change: == (so, load in «originating web site» policy from site
# Fixed: aka «Yandex.Mail» bug, when document has var top={};
# Fixed: regression «background images in frames»
# Fixed: can’t save settings when user set profile folder
+ Added: work with image maps (<map>/<area>)
# Fixed: simple filters like «.gif» not worked correctly
+ Added: SeaMonkey now supported (Gecko/20050914 SeaMonkey/1.1a: seems work)
! Note: install script only works in Mozilla builds 20050914 and later.
+ Added: imglikeopera.experimental.options
# Fixed: when imglikeopera.tabs.refresh is enabled, all images are loaded after tabs switching
+ Added: imglikeopera.startup.policy can be changed from settings window
+ Added: <object/> images blocking
+ Added: filter rules work both with images URLs and the site address
+ Added: no need to restart after drag and drop the ImgLikeOpera icon from/onto the toolbar
+ Added: pl-PL locale (thanks Leszek(teo)Życzkowski,
# Fixed: conflicts with some WindowsXP themes when the ILO button is placed in the statusbar
- Removed: «Load images from css» option (not needed now)
! Note: Firefox 1.5+ only
! Note: «Find update» from 0.5.5 not worked, please, do a full uninstall and fresh install from installation page
# Fixed: broken ru-RU/help.xhtml
+ Added: localizing initial description
+ Added: imglikeopera.startup.policy[1..4] pref (for policy mode «From previous window/tab»).
! Note: unstable work in current (20050521) trunk builds
# Fixed: trunk builds (20050508) — broken «Bookmarks», broken (re)loading
# Fixed: «Load images from css»; yeah, again
+ Added: «Help» in it-IT locale
# Fixed: English help (Extension Manager — ILO — Options — Help)
! Changed: current trunk builds (Firefox 1.1) now supported (untested)
+ Added: Ctrl + rigthMouseClick for (re)load image
# Fixed: load background images from CSS rules in @import stylesheets when switching mode «Load images from css»
# Fixed: troubles with update
+ Added: Italian (it-IT) localization (thanks Luana aka MatrixIsAllOver,
# Fixed: uncorrect work with some charsets in urls
# Fixed: uncorrect openDialog function (unclosed dummyWindow in TBE)
# Fixed: conflict with FlashBlock
+ Added: ja-JP locale (thanks Hadakadenkyu,
+ Added: de-DE locale (thanks Armin C. Schneider,
+ Added: update.rdf
# Fixed: [Bug 9362] RegExp works something strange
+ Added: UI for editing filter rules
# Fixed: [Bug 9360] unable to load images in frames

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